Board 1998-2002




Vice-president: VESSELA MISHEVA

Secretary: RICHARD E. LEE

Newsletter editors: FELIX GEYER and COR VAN DIJKUM

Editors for book reviews AND publications of members: PHILIP NICOLOPOULOS and BERNARD SCOTT.

Please note: these two functions have been combined, and will both be fulfilled in mutual consultation

Membership drive coordinator AND conference announcements: MICHAEL BYRON.

Please note: these functions have also been combined. As membership drive coordinator, Mike Byron will be assisted by GALIN GORNEV (Eastern Europe), JORGE GONZALEZ (the Latin world) and MICHAEL G. TERPSTRA (North America).

Editors for new developments within and outside of the social sciences: TESSALENO CAMPOS DEVEZAS and PAUL MAITENY.

Please note: new developments within the social sciences have been added to the original proposal, and this function will be fulfilled in mutual consultation.

Interim conferences: overall coordinator: FRANCISCO PARRA-LUNA, with interim-conferences to be organized by:

PHILIP NICOLOPOULOS (1999, Crete, Greece);

CHAIME MARCUELLO (2000, Zaragoza, Spain);

FRANCISCO PARRA-LUNA (2001, possibly Spain, preferably Latin-America)

BERNARD SCOTT. Session coordinator for RC51 sessions at 15th World Congress of Sociology, Brisbane, Australia, 2002

Webmaster: CHAIME MARCUELLO. Please note: This function was added after the original April 20 proposal for board functions was made, at a time when we did not have our present excellent website as yet.

Scientific liaison with the Latin world: JORGE GONZALEZ

Please note: this function was added in view of the increasing importance of the Latin world in our field.