According to the appointed Election Committee by the RC51 Board (Chaime Marcuello and Bernd Hornung) the RC51 results in the voting process were 28 from 76 members voted “Yes” for all candidates, having no votes against. This results show the support for Saburo Akahori (President/JAP), Dalila Cerejo  (Vice-president/PORT), Andrew Mitchell (Secretary/UK_JAP), Jorge Cardiel (Treasurer/MEX) and Raija Koskinen (Membership Development/FIN) as new board.

As you know, other positions for newsletter editor, webmaster, JoS editor, social networks are voluntary but not elected positions. Get in contact with the new board in case you want to collaborate in any of these matters and help to keep the RC51 active. We will update our social networks/website shortly.

The new board will soon be sending information related to the open community meeting where  the full RC51 Board will be presenting the activities to be developed in the next period. Remember we have a date in Cracow, Poland the last week of June for the next RC51 Conference

For the moment I only can thank you for all your support in the activities developed during my work in office and welcome the new board that I am sure will keep care and attention on the RC51 challenges. Deep thanks to the permanent support of of Raija KOSKINEN, as vice president; Manuel MEZA CUERVO, as Secretary, Saburo AKAHORI as Treasurer, Fabio GIGLIETTO, and Andrew MITCHELL, as Journal Editors Toru TAKAHASHI and Andrew MITCHELL, as Newsletter Editors;  Luciano GALLON, and Martina RAPONI as Community managers in Social Networks;  Bernd HORNUNG as membership support and election committee and Chaime MARCUELLO SERVOS, as Past President.

Patricia E. Almaguer Kalixto (ISA RC51 president 2018-2023)