Research Committee 51 (ISA-RC51)

The Research Committee 51 (ISA-RC51) of the International Sociological Association (ISA) is one of the more than fifty Research Committees which, along with a large number of national sociological associations, constitute the ISA.

The RC51 is oriented to promote the systemic perspective in the social sciences through sociocybernetics. This perspective integrates the general theory of systems, the cybernetics of first and second-order, and complexity sciences, with the aim to address complex social problems.



The pandemic era: Observations and Reflections from a Sociocybernetics Perspective
July 14 -16, 2020

Conference Booklet (PDF document)


Conference Sessions

Day 1 - Introducing sociocybernetics: widening systemic perspectives.

In this first online session, the RC51 Members will introduce basic sociocybernetics ideas, concepts, authors, and tools to a wider audience. More...

Day 2 - COVID-19: A Second order observation

This session focuses on systemic analysis and/or sociocybernetics observations and reflections of COVID-19 around the world. More...

Day 3 – A manifesto for Sociocybernetics 

This is a participatory session, open to all, to discuss the core concepts and methodologies of sociocybernetics. More...

Conference Abstracts