Current Issue

Editors’ Introduction : Toru Takahashi and Andrew Mitchell
Letter from the President : Patricia E. Almaguer Kalixto
17th International Conference of Sociocybernetics – Call for Papers Reports on sociocybernetic research activities

    • A Global System Crisis – the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change, and ecological destruction : Bernd R. Hornung

    • The study group of Niklas Luhmann’s work in Japan : Saburo Akahori


    • 2022 RC51 Academic Community Survey : Patricia E. Almaguer Kalixto

    • The Seminar on Critical Sociocybernetics and First colloquium of Critical sociocybernetics : Juancho Barrón

    • XX ISA World Congress of Sociology

    Obituary: Machiko Nakanishi

Book Launch:

    • Cybernetics for the Social Sciences : Bernard Scott

    • Agile Project Management and Complexity : Czesław Mesjasz


Toru TAKAHASHI (Japan) & Andrew MITCHELL (UK-Japan)

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